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Cagayan De Oro, here I come…

I have been longing to go back to Cagayan de Oro since I was able to set foot in this blessed city. My first trip was around 1998, when Don Moen conducted a worship lecture and concert. I was overwhelmed by the peoples hospitality even to strangers like me.

I then returned in 2005 to have my preparation for the ministry via the Shepherd’s Bible Institutes, Pastoral Training Course.
Today, I will once again set foot on this ‘City of Golden Friendship’ to make plans for 2011.

Hopefully this trip will lead to a more fruitful year ahead.



Happy New Year!

Everytime we start a new year, we are given an opportunity to start anew.

Isn’t it exciting to know that even in the midst of this busy world of ours we can have sometime to give ourselves a fresh start.

I always make it appoint to bury my old year with a prayer that the past defeat maybe lessons learned and victories as testimony to what I could achieve.

My feelings about this year is my decision to feel that way. So, regardless of what people think and say about me, I choose to feel fresh and renewed.

I am new, I am ready, 2011 here I come. Be ready!

post a blog everyday.

I have read this encouragement from word press to blog everyday for 2011 and hopefully I will be able to do as it requires.

so everyone, let us blog every single day that we may have a very memorable year ahead.