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Cagayan De Oro, here I come…

I have been longing to go back to Cagayan de Oro since I was able to set foot in this blessed city. My first trip was around 1998, when Don Moen conducted a worship lecture and concert. I was overwhelmed by the peoples hospitality even to strangers like me.

I then returned in 2005 to have my preparation for the ministry via the Shepherd’s Bible Institutes, Pastoral Training Course.
Today, I will once again set foot on this ‘City of Golden Friendship’ to make plans for 2011.

Hopefully this trip will lead to a more fruitful year ahead.


Missing Hatyai, Thailand :(


I, together with a team of people whose hearts goes with missions, visited Hatyai City in Thailand.

I couldn’t think of any word to describe the trip but God ordained. Yes, we had a couple of misfortune, yet, eye-opening experiences which taught us lessons, lots of them.

At Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We were held for about 10-20 minutes. We were asked to fill up a personal information, I really dont know if they are in doubt of us or our team. Thank God for Pastor Raul Ternida, who assisted us all along.

The ride to Bangkok is somehow good, thanks to Cebupacific’s on time flight, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport(Bangkok) 15 minutes ahead of our schedule. The immigration was accommodating giving us no hassles.

The trip from Bangkok to Hatyai took us 14 hours. We literary lived on the bus. We had our first taste of Thai food at the bus stop. And yes, it is SPICY! ha!ha!ha! My nephew who just tried a spoonful had her tongue red. So she opted to eat with a sunny side up.

Hatyai, Hatyai, and another Hatyai, we repeat words according to its sense. I miss Hatyai! its food, people and here it goes Chayen! CHAYEN! CHAYEN! CHAYEN!

The ‘Boss’ and his wife treated us like family. I miss Lyle and his ouse!(he is having a hard time pronouncing ‘h’).

I’ll be back.